Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marked down meat - will feed us for 3 weeks! <$60

Found a supermarket in our local area. It appears they mark most things down on Tuesdays after school hours. Found a bag of tomatos for $1ea so I picked up a few. I also got milk for 30% off.
I decided to take a look at the meat as I have been browsing online all day at the prices..

Total spent was $59.97 and that will feed our family for 3 weeks. Menu Follows...

mince 8.53 for 2kg

pork chops 2.61 for 2 pieces

scotch 7.28 - was half price for 2 pieces

rissole 1.36 - was marked down a few times before I purchased it

scotch 14.75 - was $10 off with 4 pieces

franks 4.25 - usual price

chicken 11.48 - usual price of about $9.90 kg

lamb 5.26 - chops were marked 30% off I think

ch dsticks 4.45 - normal price

TOTAL $59.97

I have made a 3 week dinner menu with all of this... just add veges and mash.. Can't wait to start our vege garden, then we'll save even more!

MENU - 3 weeks

Tuesday: pasta in c/board for kids with veges and Pork/veges for us

Wednesday: Lasagne

Thursday: Burritos

Friday: Meat Pies

Saturday: rissoles for kids, scotch filet for us 2pk

Sunday: quiche

Monday: Fish

Tuesday: satay chicken

Wednesday: mince dish

Thursday: rissoles quiche

Friday: frankfurt hotdogs

Saturday: fish

Sunday: sweet sour chicken

Monday: homemade pizzas

Tuesday: rissoles for kids, scotch fillet for us

Wednesday: satay chicken

Thursday: lamb chops

Friday: sweet sour chicken

Saturday: quiche

Sunday: scotch fillet, pasta for kids with veges combined

Monday: chicken d'sticks

Still looking to see how much more I can save for the rest of my grocery items...

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