Thursday, March 4, 2010

Make Your Own Laundry Liquid

We live on a half acre property just outside a major town and currently run our home using a biocycle septic system (instead of sewage).
All the waste water is treated and helps irrigate our back lawn... It's only a new house, so we started from scratch. But look how green our grass is in just 8 weeks!


We have to be careful what we put into our septic so that we don't upset the balance so I decided to make my own laundry liquid. Thanks to the well known David Suzuki I am able to make quite a few cleaning products for far less than what I would pay in the supermarket..

This recipe for laundry liquid literally costs $10 for all the ingredients, and could last you a good 3 or 4 months, depending on how much laundry you do.

Make it in just 5 mins....
½ cup Borax, ½ cup washing soda, 1 cup soap flakes or a grated bar soap,
2 gallons water, 20 drops essential oil (optional)

Combine borax, washing soda and most of the water. Boil soap flakes in remaining water and add to first mixture (you can also melt grated bar soap in the microwave). The soap will gel the mixture. If your water is hard, add more washing soda. Use about ½ cup per load. Works in cold water
You won't want to buy supermarket detergents again! At least with this, you know what you are putting down the drain...
More great recipes another time...


  1. Hi Suzzanah, I love what you are doing here. Just thought I would suggest your readers forget about a lot of cleaning products and use vinegar. I'm sure there would be some info on the net about using this to clean. Our local paper just did a whole article on it. Where I work, we hardly use anything else for cleaning. Also had an infection control nurse from one of the major hospitals suggest only soapy water or vinegar. The people I support are hardly ever sick even though we don't use any disinfectants etc. Not sure if it would be OK for your septic system?? A very efficient and cheap way to clean the house. All the best with this new blog. I love it. Robyn W

  2. Your house sure is looking different (and very nice) with the lawn growing. I really like what you're doing with the blog here. I may try that cookie recipe some day soon. Sounds like something the kids and H would enjoy. Perhaps I'll make a batch to take to playgroup next week. BYE BYE! From eldest sister.